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Sadly summer is ending and a new school year has begun, for this reason I felt this was the best time to share my top "foodful" tips to help our kids learn more and stay healthier this year.

All you need to know to start making your own natural, non-toxic and effective home cleaning products, and a commercial brand of eco-friendly cleaning products that also make the cut!

Kids menu, kid-approved it really necessary or does it perhaps lead to picky eaters or kids that are less adventurous or healthy habits when it comes to food? Read on to see what I really think based on my personal and professional experience.

Easy, obvious ways to reduce waste at lunchtime and my favorite reusable products to help get you started.

You may have noticed that the organic food sections in your local grocery store or farmer's market continue to expand, leaving you maybe confused or simply wondering if you should be considering buying organic food instead of conventional. 

Let me start by explai...

Other than being responsible for increasing our rates of tooth decay, obesity and diabetes, studies have revealed that sugar is to blame for increases in rates of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and premature death!

Sylvia tells us why snacking is so important, especially for children, and shares some of her favorite ones!

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