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Instead of dealing with how to recover from holiday overindulgence, follow my easy, healthy tips on what to eat and drink before and after the parties!

In this article Sylvia delves deep into what collagen is, what the best sources are, how to boost its production and whether you should supplement your diet!

Food waste is an urgent global problem, this article presents some of my favorite tools and cooking tips to help you reduce it in your kitchen!

Being outdoors is just a natural mood booster for me, so let's prolong the summer with my easy, healthy, cold, food suggestions for an impromptu picnic!

Barbecue season is in full swing and burgers are a crowd favorite. Here are my tips and tricks to make your next burger cookout a deliciously healthy one!

All you need to know to start making your own natural, non-toxic and effective home cleaning products, and a commercial brand of eco-friendly cleaning products that also make the cut!

We usually think of spring cleaning as something we do to our homes or wardrobes, but this season is also a perfect time to give your bdoy a reboot by putting a special attention on certain foods. Let me show you how!

Quick healthy meals are possible and they dont need to come from a box or from your neighborhood restaurant. All you need is a well-stocked kitchen and I'm showing you what I always keep in my fridge, freezer and pantry to quickly whip up a healthy and delicious m...

The new Canada Food Guide encourages us to adopt a more plant-based diet. Here are my top recommendations of plant-based protein rich foods!

Detox, cleanses, New Year resolutions to lose weight! What should you really be doing, a juice cleanse, fasting for a few days, taking a supplement? Sylvia explains the only real way to detox and shares her foodful tips!

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