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about Sylvia
Sylvia Meo, R.D.

Hello everyone!

My name is Sylvia.  I am above all a mom to a beautiful little girl, Trinity, a registered dietitian, and a lover of ALL things food. 


Don't be fooled by my career choice, if you have followed me in the media throughout the years, you know that for me food is all about pleasure and experiences, but I also love to learn and discover the impact of my food choices on my health and how to use this information to balance it all out and THRIVE!  


Becoming a mom in 2016 has truly solidified for me the importance of healthy wholesome living, and that goes beyond just healthy eating, it's about embracing the bigger picture and realizing that everything is interconnected, our mind, our body, our health, as well as our environment.

Join me on my food and life adventures, whether it be by embarking with me on my travels, introducing you to a new favorite restaurant, food or recipe, or discovering how to live a cleaner, less toxic and maybe even more spiritual life.    

You can also tune in to Global News Montreal and watch my monthly food, nutrition and health segments live!  Follow the @thefoodfullife page on Facebook or Instagram to know when!


Wishing you a Foodful Life xxx

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Whether you are a brand or a PR company that wants to collaborate on a project with me or introduce me to a new product, a The Foodful Life reader or follower, or a viewer from one of my TV segments that wants to share an idea or suggestion for me to consider for a future  topic, or maybe you were simply surfing the web and fell on my website by pure chance and want to leave me a note, you are at the right place!  Fill up the form below with your request and  I will do my best to get back to you shortly.

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