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In Part 1 of this Reducing Our Waste series we focused mainly on changes we can make at lunch time, today we focus on everyday life.  There are so many steps we can take to help reduce the waste we produce and help make a positive difference for our planet, but also fo...

The week of October 15th is Waste Reduction Week in Canada. Here are reasons why we should take action and this should be a priority for each one of us!

Easy, obvious ways to reduce waste at lunchtime and my favorite reusable products to help get you started.

Did you know that food loss and waste is an increasing issue in Canada?  Sure, I too can be guilty of tossing some food occasionally because it has unfortunately lost its appeal in color or smell, but I honestly wasn’t aware of how bad it really was.  In fact, we are a...

Wondering if the ingredients in your shampoo, cream, deodorant, nail polish, shaving cream, etc. are toxic and harmful? Sylvia helps you figure it all out.

Sylvia explains why a healthier and cleaner personal care routine is the natural next step to healthy living and goes over some of her favorite brands!

Everything you need to know about the supplements you should take daily and how to choose the right ones!

Dairy Milk

Some of the controversy surrounding cow’s milk is due to a perception that growth hormones and antibiotics were given to the cows and are thus present in the milk.  However, in Canada dairy cows are not given growth hormones and choosing organic guarantees th...

You may have noticed that the organic food sections in your local grocery store or farmer's market continue to expand, leaving you maybe confused or simply wondering if you should be considering buying organic food instead of conventional. 

Let me start by explaini...

Other than being responsible for increasing our rates of tooth decay, obesity and diabetes, studies have revealed that sugar is to blame for increases in rates of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and premature death!

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